Cashless System

Posted by cargoport

Please SMS the following details to 88203872:

CPB<space>Delivery Order Nos<space>ddmmyyyy<space>hhmm<space>Name

You will get confirmation of cargo delivery date & time. Kindly make sure payment is made before cargo collection.

We now also accept following mode of payment.
a) PAYNOW – 199201717WCP2
b) Bank transfer UOB Current Account no. 201-324-787-2

Thank you for supporting our cashless system.

中天货物站再提升服务质量水平, 除了可以手机 QR 扫码提单来查寻货物行踪, 我们也开始可以运用手机简讯来预定日期和时间提取货物,您只需传简讯到 88203872

你将会收到预定提货日期时间短信。 我们接受:
a) PAYNOW – 199201717WCP2
b) 银行电子转账服务,我们的华联银行户口-201-324-787-2